Exhibitions of Galerie Seitz & Partner


14 April, 2015
20 May, 2015

transform - this could mean: to transfer seemingly simple materials and forms into another presence, into a new pictorial or sculptural context ... to play between abstraction and figurative associations ... to search the relationship between object and energy flow. ... But above all: to change ones... read more ››

Ludwig Berger - Frank Maibier

24 January, 2015
24 February, 2015

We cordially invite you to the opening of our new exhibition on, 23 January, 2015 between 6 and 9 pm. In Ludwig Berger’s sound installation "A Years hours behind my Fathers House”, the annual processes at a certain place at different times of day are experienced acoustically. The everyday ... read more ››

"Journey of no return"

18 October, 2014
22 November, 2014

Opening of the exhibition: Friday, 17/10/2014, 6 - 9 p.m. This year's "European Month of Photography Berlin 2014" - under the motto of "Upheavals and Utopias: the other Europe" - was the reason for the Vienna-based artist Elisabeth Czihak to show her newly emerged and very special picture series for... read more ››

Elisabeth Czihak - Christina Paetsch

For Immediate Release! Wong Shun-kit + Marc Schmitz

9 July, 2014
12 August, 2014

On the occasion of the beginning of the German-Chinese Shanghai Cultural Festival 2014, a three-hour presentation on Wednesday, 9 April, 2014, gave insights into the work of Wong Shun-kit and Marc Schmitz - a glimpse into the exhibition to begin three months later! To this end, we are pleased to ... read more ››

... visual keynotes

Shanghai < > Berlin: Wong Shun-Kit - Marc Schmitz

9 April, 2014
9 April, 2014

A presentation on the occasion of the start of th German-Chinese Shanghai-cultural festival 2014 with a preview for 3 hours - 3 months in advance of the opening of the exhibition! We are pleased to meet you at this preview on Wednesday 9 April, 2014 7 - 9 pm. The exhibition will take place in... read more ››

Dennis Gün "Did we met before?"

8 November, 2013
10 December, 2013

In the 90ies, Dennis Gün has become known as a painter of large-scale screens. Since then, his work is represented in international museums and private collections.- Whereas the last ten years have been marked by a period of intensive engagement with different media techniques and photography, ... read more ››

New Paintings and Work on Paper

... one thing leads to another!

29 August, 2013
1 October, 2013

works on paper - photography ...

Nicole Félicia Brémond - Elisabeth Czihak

ME AND YOU _ Summer 2013 (ICH UND DU - Sommer 2013)

17 July, 2013
17 August, 2013

An exhibition with nine different artistic positions represented by the galleries Seitz & Partner and Inga Kondeyne: Uwe Esser | Una H. Moehrke | Kazuki Nakahara | Peter Riek | Jochen Proehl | Marc Schmitz | Jo Schöpfer | H.Frank Taffelt | Holger Walter ... read more ››

AVALANCHE - Marc Schmitz | Painting - Jenny Oellerich | Sculpture

26 April, 2013
5 June, 2013

We cordially invite you to the opening of this exhibition on Friday, April 26,2013, 6-9 pm. On the occasion of the Gallery Weekend, we have special opening hours: Saturday, 27 April and Sunday, 28 April 11 am - 7 pm. We are pleased to present two interesting, and at the same time very contemporary... read more ››

Eine Winter-Reise (A winter travel)

1 February, 2013
12 March, 2013

with works by: Olaf Otto Becker Dennis Guen Susanna Majuri Laura J. Padgett Sonja Weber This exhibition was conceived according to the season: in the mind's eye it associates to ice and snow, mountains, coldness - looking for something transcendent, mysterious at first sight. And up to images ... read more ››

Olaf Otto Becker | Dennis Guen | Susanna Majuri | Laura J. Padgett | Sonja Weber

Tayfun Erdogmus New paintings

2 November, 2012
4 December, 2012

Tayfun Erdogmus' paintings, sometimes very large-scaled, are characterized by texture and dynamics, the securing of evidence, concentration – but at the same time leaving room. On the canvasses, impressive interferential, ornamental structures and monochrome color surfaces are developed. Seen from... read more ››

Alexander Fischer

28 August, 2012
25 September, 2012

Between September 11 - 16 the BERLIN ART WEEK will take place as a start into the new autumn season. To visit Berlin, capital of the german art world during these days is an absolute must: all the galleries and art institutions present in special exhibitions their most interesting artists, newly ... read more ››

New Photography

Princess' summer!

17 July, 2012
18 August, 2012

It was a beautiful warm spring day, when we had our preliminary ideas for this exhibition. It aroused the hope that it might go on like this .....a prinzss' summer, indeed! A joint exhibition in cooperation with the gallery Inga Kondeyne; she contributes work on paper by her artists Yvonne Andreini,... read more ››

displaying artworks by: Kathrin Harder | Christina Paetsch | Verena Umminger | Elke J. Wagner

Ann Wolff "Heads or Tails"

9 March, 2012
14 April, 2012

...

- New Sculpture in Glass and Drawings